Maximize Potential

Testimonials about Maximize Potential

“I had the pleasure of Melanie’s guidance and leadership for over a year. Through a variety of tools and an amazing gift of discernment, she was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, helping me harness my strengths while addressing areas for improvement. Melanie's feedback is always constructive, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges. With her support, I have learned to communicate more clearly, motivate and inspire my team, and make sound decisions in complex situations. Melanie's approach extends beyond theory; she leans on years of practical experience, providing a safe environment to experiment and refine my leadership skills. Her commitment to my development is unwavering, as she consistently provides guidance, resources, and relevant literature to further enhance my leadership toolkit. Under Melanie's expert coaching, I have witnessed a significant transformation in my leadership style, leading to improved team dynamics, increased productivity, and greater success in achieving organizational goals. Her mentorship has been invaluable, and I am immensely grateful for her unwavering support and belief in my potential.”
Drew Adams
“Melanie is created to develop others. She can develop clarity out of chaos in an impactful and meaningful way. Her desire to work within a team and to see the team succeed is a gift that creates genuine leaders.”
Sara Wallace
“I highly recommend working with Melanie and her strength coaching techniques. I have learned so much after taking the assessment test. It was powerful! She listened to me and helped me see how multiple strengths work together. She has challenged me to look at who I am and given me confidence by showing me what I have to offer a potential employer. Working with Melanie has made me excited about the next chapter of my life.”
Eve Hofmann
“Being a student/employee, sometimes you can lose yourself and your identity, but after talking with Melanie, I have not only been able to figure out who I am as an employee and a student, but also as an individual. Going through my strengths gave me such confidence in a time that I needed it the most and her going above and beyond to pick out certain aspects that directly relate to me as a person helped me understand just how meaningful and special my strengths makeup is. Being told you are confident, and a hard worker can be hard to wrap your head around, but having an actual definition behind your personal strengths’ makeup alleviates the vast confusion circling around the question, “who am I?” Take the chance and find yourself with an awesome coach who truly cares about your personal self!”
Anslee Wood
“I would absolutely recommend this training to anyone, individually or as a part of a company. Knowing your strengths is amazing within itself, but Melanie is able to explain how your strengths work together to make up who you are. Walking out of the meeting with Mel, there is such a confidence boost, not only in yourself, but in your abilities. I wasn’t confident how “real” the strengths test was to begin with, but now I will be recommending this to everyone because everyone deserves to know themselves better!”
Annabelle VanSplinter
“Melanie Hammack took the time to understand my goals, challenges and professional aspirations while providing practical strategies and tools for me to achieve my objectives. She challenged my perspectives and helped me gain invaluable insight to help me grow both personally and professionally. She offers comprehensive and well-structured training programs that gave me the ability to identify untapped opportunities and strategic recommendations that will undoubtedly make a significant impact on our firm’s overall success. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and achieve outstanding results.”
Jovan Dungee